Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Clueless

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Are you struggling to find Mother’s Day gift ideas that can impress? We know, it’s hard to find a Mother’s Day gift that fully encompasses the gratitude of mommy’s unrelenting support and care for your life. Regardless of whether you’re the last-minute panicky gift finding husband, or the son / daughter spending late nights in the internet Googling “Mother’s Day Presents and Ideas Singapore”, we can help.

In the search for great gifts for mothers, we’ll let you in on 5 we’ve found to be great ideas!

Chocolates Alone won’t Work. Wine’s the Way!

 Mother's Day Wine Set Gift

If your mother had quoted Forrest Gump’s “Life is like a Box of Chocolates”, don’t get her chocolates alone! Give her something better, like Fine Wines Singapore’s Grand Cru Gift Set. After all, the very meaning of the proverb is that life is full of surprises, so surprise her with something nice!

The gift set features a prestigious bottle of Red Bordeaux 2016 Moulin De La Grangere St. Emilion Grand Cru and a box of Valrhona 52 Piece French Grand Cru Chocolates to boot! 

Now, those names may sound a little bit too fancy for a bottle of wine and some chocolates, but that’s the point - It’s a great way to thank your mum by spoiling her with an epicurean experience for all the times she has prepared yummy meals for you. Besides, the fancier it sounds, the more convincing it is to get mum to love the gift.

With both wine and chocolate in one as a gift set, you can now you surprise your mother with “Life is like a Box of Chocolates… AND WINE”.

Can Never Go Wrong with Flowers

Mother's Day Flower Gift Set 

It’s true! It’s an incredibly safe idea – A single rose can suffice. 

But I’m sure we’re not that cliched, right? 

If you’re still insistent on flowers, perhaps the Bloom Box would be a suggestion. What makes the Bloom Box an amazing, personal gift is how easy you can get their specially curated box of flowers that comes along with a special message or greeting tagged to it ordered and delivered.

You can enjoy same-day delivery or even order in advance for the Bloom Box at an extremely affordable price (Currently priced at S$35, not inclusive of delivery prices.). It’s a special gift that provides a breath of fresh air too – It’s a pretty box of flowers and not a bouquet.

So, for all you panic buyers out there, the Bloom Box is definitely for you! 

Sing her a Mother’s Day Song

Mother's Day Acrylic Spotify Plague

A trendy idea for Mother’s Day presents today is through personalized photo printing, specifically custom acrylic picture frames. These acrylic song plaques by The Moments lab are special because they don’t just feature a photo of sentimental value to mommy, it enhances that value with a musical experience. 

All you need to do is upload a photo you’d like printed on one of these tracks and specify a Spotify music link that you’d want to feature to go along with it.

Ask mommy what her favourite memory of you as a child would be. You’d be surprised when she says that she will never forget the time she saw you sing a Mother’s Day song in a class during preschool or kindergarten. These custom acrylic picture frames allow her to relive memories like those.

If you’re still uninspired, here’s a good idea for you to pick up: Choose any photo of your childhood with mommy for the track and upload the Spotify link of “世上只有妈妈好” (Translated as Mom is the best in the world) by Li Song. Mom will definitely enjoy the gift!

Make her Feel Young Again

Mother's Day Cosmetics Gift Set

Take care of mommy’s skin because she took care of yours too!

This anti-ageing trio pack of serum, day cream and night cream from Love From Yours is the perfect all-in-one package to help mom eliminate all kinds of wrinkles she formed through the years of being a mother.

The gift pack helps mommy repair damaged skin, keep her skin hydrated, and protect her cells from stress and premature aging. Since it contains both day cream and night cream, it helps rejuvenate her skin for the whole day.

If you’re intending to get the anti-ageing trio pack as a Mother’s Day present, make sure you’re tactful in presenting the gift. Some moms are sensitive with their age 😂.  

Surprise her with a Personalised Family Portrait

Mother's Day Wooden Photo Block

One of the most memorable gifts we’ve given to our mothers for Mother’s Day is a personalized framed family montage. You can read a brief story on our experience here. Gifting mommy with a personalized family portrait is a truly heartwarming and thoughtful way to remember and celebrate her. You can do the same through your own personalized wooden photo block with The Moments Lab.

All you need to do is upload a photo you would like printed, checkout, and wait for the photo block to be delivered to you. It’s almost like printing a conventional photo of a family portrait, just that the photos are more durable and resistant to fade and water damages. 

We would advise choosing the rectangle wooden photo block. It’s the perfect shape to fit in photos of families.

If you’re looking for something similar and more dynamic, you might also want to consider creating an acrylic photo block instead. The acrylic photo blocks share similar characteristics to their wooden counterparts, with an additional feature in providing a more 3-dimensional feel to the photos.

Inspired yet?

Our mothers have dedicated themselves to faithfully raising us up. It takes more than physical effort to support the ones you love - It takes creativity and patience too. If we are going to celebrate our mothers during Mother’s Day, let’s not give them any less. We hope these ideas would elevate the experience in providing your moments of gifting a deeper touch of heartfelt warmth and joy.

If all else fails, quality time is one of the best gifts you can give to mommy. Bring her out for a meal, spend the evening talking to her about how her life and your life’s been going, bring the kids to her house and spend time together. Peace and quiet with mom, away from our busy lives, is a change of pace we all need more than ever today.

If you’re looking for more thoughtful, heartwarming gifts, check out The Moments Lab.


Finally, to all mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! 

Your Faithful Friend for Gifts,

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March 26, 2021 — The Moments Lab