“The best thing about memories is making them”

Ama Ata Aido,

Ghanaian Author and Playwright


All it takes is one moment; one moment to form a memory – A memory to influence lives for years to come.

Our journey began in the warm company of family and friends.

 We realised that the best memories we so fondly look back on are the ones shared together in reality. Of course, our phones will always be present to capture these moments, but there is more to what our phones can do to tell the tales of our personal lives.

How precious is a singular fleeting moment! To bask in the joy of a matrimony, of seeing our children take their first steps, of having a great night of food and drinks with the ones we love!

This thought was the catalyst for a newfound passion. A passion to seek means and ways to immortalise precious moments beyond the ones and zeroes, beyond the impermanence of polaroids and conventional photos. 

And as we pursue this passion, we write our history, to be fondly remembered by those we love.

This is our story. What’s yours?


Our Purpose

 We are here to help you tell your story. To relate, relive, and reignite a closer connection to your memories and loved ones through personalised photo-printed products in a stale, indifferent digital age.


Our Inspiration

(As cheesy and clichéd as it may sound)

You inspire us. 

The birth of a digital world allows you to capture every moment yet relate to nothing. That is why at The Moments Lab, we want you to relive the same melody of emotions through your personal, unforgettable memories and moments.