Top 5 Customisable Acrylic Keychains<br> for Your Loved Ones

Acrylic Keychains make great gifts. Ever since the creation of novelty charms like Tamagotchis and multi-tools with keyrings, these trinkets have been symbols of the identities of various individuals. They have also evolved with the need to be customisable. The more customisable they can be, the more personable they can look like, thus, brownie points for the giver for the thought invested in giving the gift.

With so many customisable keychains today, which ones would make even better gifts? We’ve scouted 5 that would be perfect to give your loved ones:

Personalised Acrylic Keychains for the Memory Lover

Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain. Copyright © The Moments Lab.

Apart from simple name tags and plain Spotify acrylic keychains, you can bring the thoughtfulness and heartfelt warmth of your gift giving up a notch with photos on top of songs.

 If you’re looking for a keychain that is both personal and useful, you might want to consider the Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain by The Moments Lab. It is one of many you can find online to create your very own acrylic photo keychain.

What makes these keychains so special? For one, it’s a piece of acrylic with a printed photo of your fondest memory, and a printed ‘link’ to your favourite Spotify song (Thus, a “Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain”). Once you have your keychain with you, you’ll be able to use Spotify to scan the link and play your favourite song.

Now, you’ll be able to bring your Spotify Acrylic Keychain wherever you like to play your favourite memory and tell your story. It’s definitely the trinket for the memory lover.

Even better, these charms make for great gifts! All you need is a favourite photo of your loved one and a song you’d like them to hear, and voila! You have your gift idea covered. Be sure to find a beautiful gift box for your Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain gift!

Personalised Acrylic Keychains for the Simple and Essential

Personalised Acrylic Name Keychain. Copyright © Peekabook.

A personalised acrylic keychain can be one of the most common customisable trinkets you can find for customisable keychain gifts. Peekabook offers some that are extremely simple: Just indicate a name and include one of the 21 different cartoon symbols to be printed beside. You can also choose from 2 different font styles for the names to be printed and choose 1 out of 2 different colour palettes (Pastel or normal.).

Nametags clipped to keyrings are a natural progression for keychains that can make effectively simple gifts - The earliest keychains were just description tags for different keys, after all. They are hardy, much more durable than cloth nametags, and are clearer and much more customisable, allowing the identity of your loved one to shine.

Customised Acrylic Keychains for Anime Fans

Jujutsu Kaisen Charms. Copyright © Nanami Anime Studio.

Another option for some custom acrylic keychain gift ideas come in the form of cute anime characters. Accessories like these have been favourites for many generations, from Millennials to Gen Zs. As long as there’s a love for anime, there will be a love for acrylic charms featuring everyone’s favourite anime characters.

The problem with finding the appropriate anime charm is that you’ll need to be familiar with which series your loved one is currently watching and loving. With so many anime series to watch these days, it’s hard to really pinpoint which ones your loved ones can be a fan of.

But if you’re really looking for something that’s modern, cute, and (probably) safe, consider these Jujutsu Kaisen Charms by Nanami Anime Studio.

Customised Keychains for Pet Lovers

Engraved Pet Photo Keychain. Copyright © Getnamenecklace

You will only understand what it means to really love a pet when you own one. If you have a loved one with a pet, gifting them a custom keychain that looks like their fur kid can be one of the most thoughtful and kind gestures.

This engraved pet photo keychain makes for the perfect option. Made from stainless steel, the engraving allows the keychain to look exactly like their furry loved ones. The engraving also makes these keychains look extra realistic. You can even get a message printed on the back of the keychain. Although not made of acrylic like our other suggestions, the stainless-steel material is equally durable than their acrylic counterparts.

So, if you have a loved one with a pet, customisable keychains with their fur kids are amazing options for gifts.

Be warned, though. Stainless-steel keychains are heavy. Also, not everyone has pets.

Customised Keychains for Music Head Couples

Custom Spotify Code Keychain. Copyright © Nora Personalised Shop.

The rise of music streaming has given people the means to digitally express their personalities and identities through their favourite songs at an extremely low cost. Perhaps, one of the most common customisable keychains you can find around the internet today that allows individuals to express said personality is the Spotify Acrylic Keychain.

The Custom Spotify Code Keychain by Nora Personalised Shop is great if you want to give a commemorative gift to a couple. This gift comes in the form of a pair of symmetrical acrylics printed with a scannable Spotify link, and, when put together, forms a heart in the middle. It’s a great gift for a significant other, especially if you want to celebrate anniversaries and even Valentine’s day.

Have you found an appropriate customisable keychain gift for your loved one?

Our favourite would probably be the Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain. With the digital age influencing most of us to obsess over photos and music streaming granting us access to music anywhere and everywhere we go, marrying both photos and music seemed like the way to go.

It can be hard to find great customisable keychain gift ideas. The good news is that you need not scour the internet for them. If you’re reading this, you’re already at the right place. You can find the perfect gift for your loved one here at The Moments Lab!

June 03, 2021 — The Moments Lab