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Allow us to be frank:

We’re firm believers and gift guide lovers (it makes the research easier for last-minute shopping since we’re busy human beings). But frankly, we also hate most gift guides – because most custom gifts on the Internet are generic and don’t provide clear context to whom are these gifts for, or the fact that it sounds like a wish list for the writers themselves?

Why would you want to spend $40 on that bulky, 5-star review diffuser aroma kit that’s most likely going to be left on your sister’s shelf and collecting dust 6 months from now?

How can gift guides be personal when writers don’t even know what kind of presents your mother, brother or spouse likes? Can they read our minds?

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*Music intensifies*

However, on a positive note, most gift guides are better in recent years. Gift guides nowadays are more relevant as they’re written for people with a specific interest e.g., gardening, sewing, rock climbing. These gift guides are more fitting because they suggest custom gifts that are practical and special, which most likely resonate with your recipient.

But gift guides are only helpful if you understand what truly resonates with your recipient. It’ll be a waste if you spend on an expensive gift, only for it to become something that people won’t use or enjoy.

We’re here to help you avoid that. With that in mind, we would like to share some questions that you can think about before deciding on a present to give your family. If you’re still here, chances are, you’re still facing a gift giving dilemma.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

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1. What do they love to do in their free time?

It’s a simple yet overlooked question – think of what your family members love to do in their free time. What do they always talk about doing in their free time? If it’s a hobby, consider getting them something that supports the hobby.

Also, think of which topics excite them. For example, if your loved one enjoys painting, you can consider getting them customized gifts in the form of art supplies that will support them pursuing their interests.

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2. What do they dislike or complain about?

It’s equally important to identify what your family members dislike as much as what they like. For instance, they may dislike bulky items, given that they might already have a ton of things in their room. Or they don’t have time to maintain them e.g., no time to maintain plants or a pet.

What do they complain about? By knowing what bothers them, you may be able to find a gift that helps solve their problems! Pay a little extra attention to what they talk about, and you’ll have a good idea of what they dislike, as well as what they prefer. When in doubt, try to engage in a casual conversation to learn about your loved ones’ likes and dislikes indirectly.

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3. What do they need?

You may also hear of recurring things your family members always mention that are on top of their wish list, but they forgot to buy them, or they can’t bear to make the purchase for themselves… Consider adding these items to your gift idea list!

Purchasing these types of gifts not only takes away the headache of brainstorming for family gifts, but it also shows that you are mindful and a good listener. Your family members will appreciate that you took extra time to take note of something they said.

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4. Are they practical people?

Not the most exciting question to think about, but you need to remember that gift giving is always about the recipient, not you. A question to help get you started would be: Does the recipient prefer gift essentials instead of something expensive like the latest curved HD Smart TV or game console?

For instance, if your family member is starting a new job, you can consider getting them something practical that helps them in their work, such as office tools that boost productivity, or a gift voucher to Challenger or G2000.

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5. What’s the occasion for celebration?

The occasion could be something special that your loved ones consider important, besides their birthday – for instance, wedding anniversary, job promotion, baby shower, or getting the keys to their BTOs. You get what we mean.

Focusing on that would provide you a good picture of what family gifts you should give that are not only practical but something your loved ones will use for a long, long time. Plus, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the latest gadgets.

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6. What’s your budget?

Finally, the criteria that’s often overlooked and broken – your budget. Looking for the perfect gift also requires you to set a budget and stick to it. Of course, this would also help you figure out what gifts to get and where to shop for them.

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get the perfect gift – sometimes the best custom gifts are handmade or can be bought at a low price. It’s the heart that counts.

Here’s our last tip on questions to consider for family gifting

Having such questions in mind helps you to pick gifts easily, even if you’re looking for gifts for someone you don’t know well, like a new work acquaintance. Not only does this train your observation skills, but it can also help save money and reduce potential waste from unused gifts.

Now that you’re equipped with the essential questions to think of before getting your family gifts, stay tuned for our next post, as we’ll introduce meaningful gifts for family and where to get them!

What other questions do you keep in mind while shopping for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Share them with us today!


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