5 Unique Instagram-Worthy Places in Singapore

We really hope that you get the best out of yours after reading our post, but if you still haven’t read it yet, you can always find it here.

Choosing a right place to take your selfie is very important, so we’ve painstakingly combed the island (at least online) and nailed some of the Instagram-worthy spots in Singapore for your selfie pleasure.

With all the hard work done for you, the only thing you need is your creativity and a portable charger (selfie sticks are optional).

Let’s hop right into the cool Instagram-worthy places in Singapore!

#1 Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel 

a selfie paradise for nature lovers

Image credits: NUS115 

It is a great place that showcases natural ambience. It has everything from lighting to features and layout, which is perfect for kickstarting your first Instagrammable selfie journey.

One must not miss the prominent spiral staircase, which is an iconic photo spot of the Tree Tunnel surrounded by lush greenery.

Get ready your poses, outfits, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent beforehand because you will not be the only  feeling the heat. And yes, there’ll be a lot of people in a queue to get their money shot too.

Alight from the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, and exit from Exit B. Take a short walk and you’ll be there.

#2 Haji Lane

for the tourists and art lovers alike

Image credit: William Cho

The next place we would like to introduce is Haji Lane - a popular hotspot for tourists, art lovers, and hipsters. What captures our attention is the alley’s incredible murals and shops, which you can use to unleash your creativity for your poses.

No parked or moving cars will obstruct your selfies, making it a perfect location for shooting your selfies. We recommend that you get there before 10am if you want the lane to yourself, as it’ll be a hot timing for both tourists and locals with most stores and restaurants operating by then.

However, if you’re feeling bold experimenting your selfies with crowds, you can come here anytime to take your selfies!

A perfect selfie comes a long way with experimentation, so we recommend that you try different timings at your comfort before moving to the next location.

The restaurants here are also a plus point – they’re perfect spots to fuel your energy and creativity before continuing your efforts for the perfect selfie!

BONUS tips for you to check out when you’re in Haji Lane:

Image credits: @blushblushtomato at Medium.com

Feel some Disney magic from one of our favourite spots - Masjid Sultan Mosque, as it provides a prominent photo drop that makes everything fall in place that creates a unique selfie.

We recommend you snap with caution and look out for speeding cars – if it’s too much of a hassle, you can always drop by early if you want your selfies uninterrupted!

Image credit: The Upsider

The secret to getting the most out of your selfies here at Haji Lane is making use of the wall arts found in the alleyways – they’re a treat for your eyes, and they provide some additional oomph to your selfies.

You can get to Haji Lane in a short walk less than 10 mins from Bugis Station Exit A.

#3 Gillman Barracks

travel back to the past with your selfie

Image credit: Gillman Barracks

Go back in time as you stroll through the art galleries that showcase a rich history of British military barracks that boosted conserved colonial architecture.

To make sure that you get the best out of Gillman Barracks, you may want to keep a lookout for future exhibitions and events on the website, because that means more photo taking opportunities for you, so mark your calendars.

You’ll be dosed with creative inspiration posing as you take on a trip to various exhibitions showcasing artists’ works.

Image credit: Timeout

If you want a grittier and edgier selfie, head outside the barracks. There are countless spots to take your selfies, so feel free to exercise creative control.

Take the MRT to Labrador Park Station and walk towards Alexandra Road. Head towards a sheltered walkway, stick on the lane, and you’ll get to Gillman Barracks!

#4 Bras Basah Complex Rooftop

a secret gem for Instagrammers

Image credit: Honeycombers

While being located out in the open, this place is considered one of the hidden gems for Instagrammers – as it was still known by many as a complex that only houses music stores and second-hand bookstores.

It is also a paradise for musicians, artists, and art lovers.

The blue panels are captivating as it creates a distinctive, perfectly aligned angles among rough walls. It’s a perfect place to work with your poses, as the gorgeous skyline will make an excellent complement to your selfies.

Image credit: State of Buildings

There is plenty of space to work from – we recommend that you check out the playground for your selfie pleasure. The slide creates a perfect prop for your selfie as travel back in time to your childhood.

Alight at Bras Basah, Bugis, or City Hall MRT stations and walk to Bras Basah complex. Take the elevator to the fourth floor, and you’ll be there!

#5 Marina Bay Cruise Centre

perfect for city ‘grammers

Image credit: JT Wong

Still not sure where to take your selfies? Fret not!

You're in for a treat if you head down to Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Marina Bay Cruise Centre is a great place to capture your selfies with a coastal line gives a refreshing twist to your selfie with a view that overlooks the sea.

Image credit: Flickr

Citygrammers will not be disappointed with this one.

There are tons of photo-worthy spots, such as the spacious car park (see above image) and the sloping entryway to try your selfies.

The highlight we’ll talk about is the spacious car park at level 3, which showcases the stunning architectural design, with Singapore’s landscape as a backdrop. In fact, this is also the place where many wedding and model photoshoots are taken.

It is really up to your imagination!

The trick here to get a stunning selfie here is simple:

  • Experiment with the crisscrossed metal structure, and discover that the boundaries are limitless
  • Play around with different angles, holding your phone or camera up high in a 45-degree shot while aiming your selfie

Your hands will lead you exactly on to not only create a captivating selfie, but a symmetrical shot that elevates your selfie to the next level, which leaves your followers raving in envy.

If you’re lucky enough and the sky is clear, you will catch the sunset with a view of the sea.

Take bus 402, or a not-so-short walk from Marina South Pier MRT Station.

Now we’ve introduced these fab Instagram-worthy places for your selfie pleasure, which location will you be visiting first?

November 26, 2021 — The Moments Lab