Wooden Round Photo Block

  • Dimension: 11.8 x 11.8 cm (W X H)
  • Thickness: 3cm
  • Material: Pinewood

Wooden Round Photo Blocks helps put into focus those you love in frame.

The frames are sturdy, with the photos printed using durable ink and UV Printing, making them high-quality and resistant against water and fade damage.

They are fun to spin too.

Celebrate your loved ones up-close and personal!

*Upload only 1 Photo for 1 Sided Print per ‘add to cart. For 2 Sided Print, upload 2 photos per ‘add to cart’.

Our Wooden Round Photo Block is a circular alternative to our personalised wooden photo blocks. Your favourite photos will be printed on authentic pinewood, turning your special memories into beautiful natural artworks.

Our Wooden Round Photo Blocks are made of pure pinewood. Pinewood adds a touch of rustic wood effect to your photographs, giving it a captivating homespun appearance. Furthermore, printing images on wood reveal natural woodgrain patterns and give your photographs a more desaturated, antiquated and natural finish. We also use market-leading LED UV printing technology to develop extremely high-quality pictures which will remain sharp and dynamic for years to come.

Made with natural plywood and thickness of over 3cm, our Wooden Round Photo Blocks are durable and designed to last. Furthermore, our wood prints are finished with a layer of matte laminate for added protection. Our wooden photo blocks are also naturally heat and water-resistant. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe dust and dirt off the wooden photo blocks.

Simply display your Wooden Round Photo Blocks on any flat surface to add a vintage touch to your home décor. Whether it is at home or your office, these personalised wooden photo blocks are highly versatile and can be displayed anywhere.