Acrylic Eye Photo Block

  • Dimension: 15 x 10 cm (W X H)
  • Thickness: 3cm
  • Material: Acrylic 

The eyes are windows to the soul…

…and the Acrylic Eye Photo Blocks are windows to precious memories.

Printed with durable ink and UV Printing technology, the Acrylic Eye Photo Block brings a focus to your loved ones for anyone who’s looking, on any shelf, desk, or bedside it sits.

You can now look at the eyes of your loved ones forever!

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Instead of a plain old photo frame, display your treasured memories in a unique way; in a one-of-a-kind acrylic eye photo block. This uniquely shaped photo frame enhances the colour of your favourite photographs, giving it a beautifully vibrant 3D effect.

With transparent and hand-polished edges, the pronounced depth of acrylic glass gives your photos an ultra-modern touch as compared to traditional photographs.

We use large world-class format LED UV printing technology to produce high-resolution photo prints, maintaining its sharpness and dynamism for many years. Each of our Acrylic Eye Photo Block features polished edges for a more prominent colour gamut over traditional photo frames.

All our Acrylic Eye Photo Blocks feature a protective vinyl finishing to ensure long-lasting durability. It features a shatterproof acrylic glass with excellent UV protection and 100% moisture protection. Use a microfiber cloth (gently wipe until any dust or grease is removed) to keep it in pristine condition.

Our free-standing Acrylic Photo Blocks are perfectly weighted for a gallery-inspired look. You can display photos of your loved ones around the house or on your office desk. Alternatively, you may present these Acrylic Photo Blocks as personalised gifts.