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When was the last time you received a corporate gift from your company or superiors? Chances are, you’d probably do not remember what you had received. Why do corporate gifts not leave an impression (Or worse, leave a bad one)? That’s probably because these gifts are not memorable and lack a sense of meaning.

Finding the perfect corporate gift that is suitable for everyone can be a challenge. Meaningful gifts may lack utility, useful gifts may lack originality, and the list goes on.

We know how frustrating it can be to find corporate gifts, let alone gifts that are customisable. Setting out to find the appropriate gift can mean searching through pages of the internet with the terms “Corporate Gifts Singapore” or “Custom Gifts Singapore” with no guarantee of a promising yield of ideas, which is why we’re here to help!

In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding custom corporate gifts (Keep reading and we’ll drop useful tips about them, especially where you can find these special corporate gifts).


Why are Custom Corporate Gifts so Popular?

Why are Custom Corporate Gifts so Popular?

Before we get to the meat of great custom gifts you can get for your employees, let’s have to look at why corporate gifts are so popular. Exploring the benefits of giving gifts company-wide will point us to the right direction on what makes a good corporate gift.

So why are corporate gifts so popular?

1. Giving Gifts to Your Employees or Colleagues Shows That You Appreciate Them

Regardless of the occasion, if it’s an opportunity to present a gift to your colleagues or employees, it’s an opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you’re considering a particular gift, would you give the same gift to your closest kin? If your closest friends, siblings, or parents would love the gift you’re giving, chances are, your employees would as well.

If you can find a gift that is capable of showing more than just appreciation, you’re on the right track!

2. Corporate Gifts Bring Opportunities for Quality-of-Life Improvements

A meaningful gift is a useful gift. Paperweights are not useful gifts, no matter how expensive they can be. One of the best corporate gifts you can give your employees are those that can improve some aspect of their lives – any aspect, out of office, within the walls of the office, or even at home or during their travels.

3. It’s a Good Time to Leave a Good Impression for Yourself (If You’re a Boss) and Your Company

Here’s a truth: Employees or colleagues will not stay forever. If you’re planning for a corporate gift, think about what they can say or remember when they leave the company. We all know that employers would always want to leave a good impression for all who step in or out of the company.


Here are Some Custom Corporate Gift Ideas, Who Should You Give Them to and When are the Best Times to Present Them

Now that we’ve looked at why corporate gifts are so popular, here’s a guide that can help us look into the various types of corporate photo gifts! We are looking for gifts that show your employees or colleagues that you appreciate them, improve any aspect of their lives, and leaves a good impression for yourself and the company.

If the gifts can be customisable, that would be a plus. Luckily, we’ve got what you need here:

Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychains


Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychains

Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychains make for great custom corporate gifts. If you include a photo that is relevant to every employee in the company, it shows them that you appreciate them because you remember them. How does it bring a quality of live improvement? It’s a keychain!

Those who’ve received the Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain as a gift will intuitively hang them on to their pouches, bags and even keyrings, making them great and unique accessories. With something that looks so special, it’ll be easier for those who have them to identify their bags and keys easier.

Finally, the keychain has a scannable Spotify link to a selected song for anyone to listen to – a feature that will leave a lasting and positive impression!

As keychains are small-sized objects that can fit at the palm of your hand, they are the perfect gift option for the masses - When you have a D&D coming up or when you would like to take the time to commemorate the anniversary of the company, and are looking for something small to gift every single employee.

The Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain is a smaller version of the Spotify Acrylic Music Album, which is also a great idea for a custom corporate gift.


Custom EZ-Link Cards


Custom EZ-Link Cards

If you’re looking for a custom corporate gift that is truly useful, then the Custom EZ-Link Card is the way to go. Include some credits in and it’s a great gift to show them that you care about covering the cost their travels to work and everywhere else for a short period of time.

The custom printed photo also leaves a lasting impression too.

The Custom EZ-Link Card is an extremely appropriate gift for those who work in sales. If they’re spending extra resources to travel around and meet clients, your sales team will really appreciate a custom EZ-Link card that can help them get around easier.

They also make for great incentives for the sales team, making them great motivators for all who perform above and beyond their KPI. Give the Custom EZ-Link Cards as awards or appreciation gifts during your quarterly sales team reviews.


Acrylic Photo Blocks


Acrylic Photo Blocks

If you’re an employee and are looking to find a gift for a team lead or boss, then the Acrylic Photo Block would be appropriate.

The 3-dimensional nature of the acrylic photo block encompasses what a founder should be – Someone who is well-versed in the ways of the company, is dynamic enough to relate to everyone in the team and is someone who goes the extra mile for the company.

Giving an appreciation gift like the Acrylic Photo Block during a team leader’s birthday, a company’s anniversary, or the anniversary of them leading the company are one of the many perfect occasions to honour them.

This dynamic nature of the acrylic photo block, in comparison to traditional photos, will create a lasting impression for your boss as a special photo gift, while motivating them to continue investing in employees.


Wooden Photo Blocks


Wooden Photo Blocks

Wooden Photo Blocks are very similar to their acrylic counterparts in terms of how they can fulfil our three golden guides as to what makes custom corporate gifts so good.

Perhaps the recipient of the Wooden Photo Block may differ. They would seem more appropriate for those who are along the planes of managing and supervision. They also make great commemorative gifts during events where employees are promoted.


Where Can You Find Corporate Gifts?


Where can you find Custom Corporate Gifts in Singapore?

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post in your quest for a custom corporate gift, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our photo products can be customised to your liking, and every product is extra durable, UV printed using durable ink to be extra resistant against fade and water damages.

Here at The Moments Lab, you’ll be able to arrange for large-scale custom corporate gift planning. Just contact us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

You can also easily create your own custom gift here on our website by including your favourite captured moments and, if necessary, a Spotify link to your favourite song, and we’ll do the rest!

September 17, 2021 — The Moments Lab