Acrylic Photo Printing: Explained

Over the years, personalised photo printing has become extremely popular – Starting from printing our own favourite moments in mugs, creating our own photo frames, and creating our very own custom acrylic photo objects today.

Have you ever got your hands on an acrylic photo block and wonder how they’re made? Or have you ever thought about why acrylic photo products are so popular today? This blog post is where we’ll answer those questions!

Why are Acrylic Photo Prints So Popular?

Before we get into the meat of how these novelty acrylic photo products are made, you’re probably thinking to yourself: “What’s the point of knowing? What’s the point of getting one?” Acrylic photo products hold many good things other than being a pretty paperweight:

  • Acrylic Photos are Much More Durable than other kinds of photo products

    Polaroid photos are flimsy and conventional photo frames break easily. The acrylic material is thick and durable, which protects your photos from any fall or damage. Acrylic also serves as an extra layer of protection from water-related damages. This is especially so if you purchase an Acrylic Photo Block.

    • Acrylic Photos Open Opportunities for Digital Integration

    Think about this for a second: Apart from large posters, when was the last time you saw a scannable link or QR Code on a traditional photo frame or polaroid? Not a common occurrence, huh?

    Acrylic printing allows you to seamlessly integrate scannable links onto your photos so that you can stay connected to technology while enjoying your moments just the way you like it.

    Take the Spotify Acrylic Music Album for instance, every photo has a scannable Spotify link that allows the viewer to enjoy an owner’s favourite Spotify song on their digital mobile phones!

    • They make for the Perfect Gift, Especially for Accessories

    Because they’re so durable and with their capability for digital interaction, acrylic photo products make great gifts! It’s even better when you can bring them around with you, like the smaller version of the Spotify Acrylic Music Album: the Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain!

    On top of their durability and intuitiveness to technology, the acrylic also helps create this 3-dimensional feel to your photos, particularly seen when you get an Acrylic Photo Block, as though you’re bringing your favourite memories to life!

    Now that we’ve had a glimpse of why they are so good, let’s have a look at how they’re made, shall we? You are, after all, here to find out how these acrylic products are printed.

    How are Acrylic Photo Products Made?

    The common ingredients for all acrylic photo products are
    • An acrylic slab or acrylic track
    • Photo printing ink
    • A favourite captured memory of you and your loved ones
    • For an Acrylic Photo Block: A photo sheet
    • For a Spotify Acrylic Music Album and a Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain: A link to your favourite Spotify Song

    Acrylic Photo Blocks

    Acrylic Photo Blocks may be the simplest looking photo products but the process to create one is symbolic to what makes them special – The way they are meticulously, carefully made for protection is just like how the blocks themselves are capable of protecting your memories so well.

    The printing service will first require an acrylic slab. A mix of different monomers and chemicals are mixed on to a mould to create a hard resin-like acrylic slab. This slab is then cut and buffered to create the unique acrylic shapes you choose.

    Next, the photo. When your captured memory is sent to an acrylic printing service provider, they will first print out your memory onto a photo sheet, just like a traditional photo only through, usually, a digital printer. Almost as if they are recreating your favourite memory.

    The printed photo is then aligned with an acrylic slab (Like it’s an amplifier of the memory), and the excess area of the photo is removed (Cause, y’know, only remember the good times), allowing your photo to sit tightly and comfortably within the frame of the acrylic.

    Meanwhile, the slab is constantly wiped clean from dust, ensuring your memories to be as clear as possible. Once the photo is properly aligned, the photo and the slab will be placed into a warm press that will seal the photo and the slab together.

    The slab acts as an extra protection against all kinds of potential damages, like water-related tears. Thus, just like your personality, you’d like to keep your fond memories as close to you as possible, not to lose them, the acrylic slab will keep your memories intact and resilient.

    Once all is said and done, a beautiful acrylic photo block is created and all that is left is to send the memory to the person who’s ordered it!

    Spotify Acrylic Music Albums

    The Spotify Acrylic Music Album is a tad simpler to create compared to an Acrylic Photo Block. The acrylic sheet is created the same way as an acrylic slab, but instead of the need to shape the slab, the mixture is poured onto a mould that shapes the mixture into a sheet instead.

    Of course, the sharper edges still have to be buffered so that you won’t cut yourself when you hold onto the sheet. You’ll then need to send a link of the song you’d like to showcase from Spotify to the printing service provider.

    The printing service provider will then generate a scannable code using that link that will be printed onto a thin, yet sturdy acrylic sheet. The acrylic sheet is placed on to a printer, and your favourite memory, along with the generated code, is printed directly on top of the sheet. Voila! You’ve got yourself a Spotify Acrylic Music Album from here!

    Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychains

    The Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain is the baby brother of the Spotify Acrylic Music Album, making it even simpler to create! Just like its bigger counterpart, the acrylic mixture is poured into a smaller mould.

    The printing service provider can also pour the mixture into the standard mould to create the sheet and cut them into equal keychain sizes. The printing process and code generation are similar to the Spofity Acrylic Music Album, only that everything is smaller.

    A code is generated from the link you sent, and your favourite memory and generated code is printed onto the smaller slab, at a smaller scale. The difference? A small hole is drilled onto the sheet and a keyring is inserted into the hole, making it a nice finish for the track to become a keychain!

    Want to Get Your Hands on an Acrylic Photo Product as a Gift?

    That’s that! We’ve given you the process of how they’re made, but what sets us apart from the other acrylic photo printing stores?

    Remember how photo products are printed? Instead of using regular ink to print your photos, regardless of whether they’re printed on the acrylic tracks or printed on a conventional photo sheet and sealed with a clear acrylic block, we use a durable ink along with UV printing technology.

    This makes all of our products resistant to not just water-related damages, but fade-related damages from sunlight too! The ink also allows your photos to look extra dynamic and high-definition, making your memories feel extra realistic.

    Acrylic printing services create these durable and beautifully amazing prints that can be found all around Singapore, especially on the internet. But before you go off Googling “acrylic printing Singapore” or “Acrylic photo products in Singapore” in search for a store, we actually have everything you need to create your own personalised acrylic photo gift for you and your loved ones.

    Here at The Moments Lab, you’ll be able to find all sorts of acrylic photo products and more! From wooden photo blocks to custom printed EZ-Link Cards and specially curated gift boxes, there will always be something here for everyone.

    With that, we hope this article enlightens you better on why acrylic photo products are that amazing, and that it’ll compel you to get one for yourself or your loved ones!

    July 19, 2021 — The Moments Lab