5 Best Photo Gifts for Dads

With our Mother’s Day gift-finding saga behind us and Father’s Day coming, it might look like it’s time for another headache-inducing Father’s Day present finding episode. But while you’re busy mulling over finding an appropriate Father’s Day gift, you might be surprised how simple it is to find thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas apart from just a normal photo framed with his favourite memory with you.

Here are 5 best Father’s Day photo gifts that are much better than just a simple photo frame:

Handmade Beer Mug

Give dad a specially printed mug of his favourite memory with you!

All you need to do is upload a photo and include a short message. The mug will then be delivered to you. This handmade beer mug can hold any liquid at 17oz, allowing dad to enjoy any drink (including his favourite pint of beer) while remembering every amazing moment you shared with him.

A handmade beer mug like this definitely beats a “World’s Best Dad” mug and even a normal photo for a gift. Even if dad doesn’t enjoy beer, it makes for a good personal cup.

Do consider this gift closely though, at a standard retail price of roughly $123, not including shipping, it’s pretty steep for a customisable cup.

EZ-Link Cards

For an extremely useful and thoughtful gift, you can transform that boring photo frame into a custom EZ Link card.

Creating a customized ezlink card for dad allows him to enjoy his commutes more. By uploading your very own photos with dad, you’ll create your very own ezlink card design that is specially created for dad, by you.

The personalized ez link card that you will receive will be printed using cutting edge UV printing technology, resulting in high-resolution graphics or photos that are resistant to water or fade damages.

With a customized ezlink card, dad will be able to bring his favourite moments of you and family anywhere he would like!

Also, if you would like to get cards of other designs, you can find some here.

Personalised Photo Cushion

If you think about it, cushions can be symbolic objects. The softness of their covers and fluffy insides make for good representations of who dad really is. Dads may seem burly or stoic sometimes, but deep down inside, all they have is love and tenderness for their family.

If you think your father fits the bill of this description, then a personalized photo cushion would make for a great gift! This pillow, available by Photoblock, allows you to upload your own favourite photo of dad to a single 16” by 16” soft cushion that can be placed perfectly on your family couch.

The pillow is made from polyester, with a solid black back, mid-fold, resilient to stains and stenches.

We love the idea of printed pillows as it makes a great object that personalizes our living rooms and bedrooms while serving as great holders for memories instead of just plain photo frames. With an object that we can lie on for comfort while acting as personal couch-photo-frames, that makes for efficient 2-in-1 house accessories.

Ferris Wheel Photo Frame


Another gift that makes for a better idea rather than just a single photo frame is by curating photos into a frame that your dad can interact with, like this Ferris Wheel Rotary Windmill Frame.

This rotating frame allows you to frame up six 5 by 6 inch photos that your dad can rotate through whenever he feels in the mood for reminiscing. The frame comes with many designs, from clean ivory white to a rustic-looking bronze. You can even get the Ferris wheel assembled in a gift box!

But before you consider buying this gift, make sure that you’ll have at least six memorable photos and the space to showcase the wheel. You’ll be looking for a space that can accommodate 15cm x 20cm x 34cm.

Spotify Acrylic Music Album


Finally, a gift that is truly special for dad is a personalized Spotify Acrylic Music Album.

So, what makes an acrylic song plaque like the Spotify Acrylic Music Album so unique? It’s a gift that marries both traditional ways to enjoy memories and modern technology. The album is a singular acrylic track that has a photo of your favourite memory and a scannable Spotify song code print stamped on the acrylic.

This Spotify poster glass is printed using UV printing technology and durable ink that makes it last longer. And while dad is able to prop it on his desk, he can also enjoy looking at his photo with his favourite song – just make sure he knows how to use Spotify to scan that Spotify code.

The acrylic used by The moments Lab is extremely durable, with transparent and hand-polished edges, making them able to stand against water and fade damages while providing a clear, high contrast, realistic 3-dimensional image.

What’s even better is that getting one personalized and created is really simple. Just upload a high-resolution image and provide the Spotify link at checkout, and wait till it arrives to your doorstep.

If you’re looking to impress dad with a Father’s day gift that involves both tradition and technology, the Spotify Acrylic Music Album is the way to go.

Finding Photo-Related Father’s Day Gift Ideas Have Never Been Easier

That’s right, you now don’t have to settle for a photo frame for a gift for father. We’ve done the scouting for you; all you have to do is to choose one.

Go and impress dad today!

Here’s wishing all dads a fruitful and happy Father’s Day – and more so, a joyous gift receiving experience.

June 04, 2021 — The Moments Lab